Lead photographer and Founder of Bears Unlimited Inc

Mingo is a multi-faceted photographer, mountaineer, bear behaviorist, rock and ice climber, kayaker and adventurer. Through these divergent skills, Mingo's camera's have seen some of the most remote areas of North America. From enjoyable multi-week vacations in  Mexico, Hawaii, New Orleans and many other non- wilderness spaces, to serious solo expeditions to James and Hudson Bays in the Canadian Arctic, Mingo has excelled.
Photography is a passion for Mingo. He also enjoys writing and authoring books. His Attu Adventures Educational Children's series teaches children about our environment, National Parks plus they are fun to read and enjoy. A more serious work is the mountaineering memoir of Mingo's. 'Living in the Dragon's Den'. This journey follows his 35 year mountaineering career. It is funny and yet a wonderful history of climbing in those heady first years of rock climbing in Joshua Tree.