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Capturing your dreams
We at, Bears Unlimited Inc and Mingo Morvin Photography, wish to share our world with you through our books, articles and photography. Krissy and I travel to many parts of this country to explore, not only the landscapes, but the regional cultures that we are  absorbed into.  This has been a mind opening experience for me and tons of fun.
My photography is one of the ways to share these experiences. What you see on these pages is essentially what I see in the field. I use very little computer manipulation in my photography. My programs only perform cropping and some slight color manipulation for all ten thousnd images in my archives of wilderness images. I am a wilderness photographer not a photographic artist.
The vast majority of my wildlife images are of wild animals photographed in wilderness settings.  None are composite shots completed in a digital format. All images of captive or private preserve animals will be captioned as such.  I want my images to elicit the feeling of wilderness and what it takes to capture such rugged and beautiful photographs.
Thank you for visiting and please let me know what you think in an email or comment.
  1. Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf
    Grey wolf in Arizona. Credit to Bearizona in Williams Arizona
  2. Lake Powell
    Lake Powell
    Life at it's best, house boating on Lake Powell. Well for Krissy and I, it was kayaking on this beautiful Colorado Basin lake.
  3. Russian Mission, Alaska
    Russian Mission, Alaska
    Inuit girls and puppy. A shot of two cute Inuit children and their puppy in this small Native American village on the Yukon River.
  4. Sycamore Creek, Arizona
    Sycamore Creek, Arizona
    Sycamore Creek, in the Verde Valley of Arizona
  5. Brown bear
    Brown bear
    Brown bear, also called a 'Grizzly' aka 'Ursus kick your buttus'. This bear I shot from about 40 feet in a open meadow in the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada.
  6. Rainbow over the Yukon River
    Rainbow over the Yukon River
    Welcome to Beaver, Alaska. One of the many towns I paddled through on my solo Yukon River paddle. Interesting native towns.
  7. Black wolf.
    Black wolf.
    Black wolf in Arizona. Credit to Bearizona in Williams, Arizona
  8. Black bear
    Black bear
    This black bear lives in Yellowstone National Park. I have known this bear since he, or she, was about 10 months old. We hang out when I am in YNP.
  9. Brown Bear
    Brown Bear
    Another brown bear in the Yukon area of Northern Canada.
  10. Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon
    Hard to take a bad picture of the Grand Canyon. Harder to take one that truly shows its depth and beauty.
  11. Grand Canyon after storm
    Grand Canyon after storm
    Winter storm in the canyon. A pleasure and honor to live so close to this natural wonder.
  12. Montezuma Castle
    Montezuma Castle
    Another Verde Valley jewel. Seven hundred year old structure.
  13. Black Bridge
    Black Bridge
    This is 'black bridge' near Phantom Ranch on the Colorado River. This bridge is at the bottom of the South Kaibab Trail. Fun hike, especially in the summer.
  14. Big Horn Sheep
    Big Horn Sheep
    Calcite Springs, Big Horn Sheep herd. This is a first year baby.
  15. Antelope
    Yellowstone National Park Antelope.